Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A week of proud moments!

Last was packed full of good times and TONS of learning!  It started off on a good note.  I finally got the DVD burner/duplicator that I purchased with grant money to work! YEAH! The duplicator burns 7 duplicates, and the need for them was so great I had to go through more than one round of burning.  I was quite pleasantly surprised at how many students who hadn't been doing their homework before were doing their homework now.  I realize that right now I am in the honeymoon stage with the DVD's, but I am going to bask in it for as long as it lasts. 

On Thursday I had the privilege of bringing four of my students to the MACUL conference to show off their student portfolios that they've been making on Weebly.  While this has nothing to do with my flipped classroom, I am going to share it anyways because it was so stinking exciting!  The kids started off not wanting to venture more than two feet from their tri-fold presentation board.  By the end they were out in the walkway mingling with teachers.  I got many, many, many comments about how well they did, and how knowledgable they were.  It was a very proud teacher moment :)

To top all that off, I got to present my Action Research Project on my flipped classroom to a group of educators.  The group was small, but the presentation went well.  They had a lot of great follow up questions and most were just really intrigued to learn more.  I've attached the presentation below, for anyone who might be interested.  So all in all it's been a very eventful and fun week! 

Action Research Prezi

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