Thursday, June 28, 2012

FlipCon Session "Past, Present & Future"

The session I'm going to review is called "Using Video Podcasting to Revolutionize the Classroom:  past, present & future".  This presentation is given by Jerry Overmeyer, a professor at the University of Northern Colorado.  He started MAST (Math and Science Teaching Institute).

I want to give Jerry credit for his work, so everything that is in blue is taken directly from his presentation...the rest is my impressions/reflection.

The flipped classroom is NOT:

  • about replacing teachers with videos
    • Teachers are even more essential in a flipped classroom because now they need to come up with the "hands-on" and application activities for the students when they get to class.  To have an effective flipped classroom, you need to utilize your face time with students.  If you're making the videos, then just sitting back during class & doing no one-on-one time, then you're not doing it right!  Everyone says "there's no right way to do a flipped classroom"  I agree, there are multiple ways to teach in a flipped classroom...BUT...there is a wrong way.  If students are still trying to do the "homework" by themselves, then something is amiss.
  • an on-line course
    • On-line courses are completely done "on-line".  Face-to-face time with a teacher is non-existent, which I'd argue is the opposite of a flipped classroom.
  • about the videos
    • Are the videos a component of the flipped classroom?  Yes.  However, the power comes from the time you have with your kids after they've seen the videos...You know, all that one-on-one time I mentioned above.
When you start a flipped classroom, ease into the process:
  • You don't have to go all out, all lessons from the get-go.  Maybe start with one unit, see how it goes, learn from, then try another unit later in the year.
  • Personally, I went all out, and I'm glad I did (glad now, it was a little crazy this year while making the videos).
  • No matter how you start, you will find ways to improve.  Personally, I am hoping to add mastery teaching into my room next year, something I wasn't even thinking about until I started the flipped class.

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