Sunday, September 30, 2012

Whoa, that's crazy!

Last week we finished up the last video that went with our first unit.  At the end of each unit, my math series has a "practice test" that is given to help the students see exactly what types of questions will be on the regular test.  Similar to last year, I had kids all over the board when I scored them.  That is not unusual, as I'm looking for certain things when I grade their tests (for example, do they show their work, label their answers, etc.) that they may not know on the practice test, but surely know on the actual test.

I had roughly 15 students (of my 60) who scored 97% or better, so I gave them the option to just test Friday & get it done, rather than wait until Tuesday with the rest of the class.  They all chose that option (and they all did well).  Then they took a pre-test for the next unit.  I explained to them that if they showed on their pre-test that they knew how to do certain learning goals, then they wouldn't be expected to do the WSQ's for those goals (they could just take the quizzes & test out).  They just stared at me.

Finally one student spoke up & said, "So you're telling me that if we already know how to do something, we can just skip it & move ahead."

I said, "Yes, isn't it a waste of your time to sit here learning stuff you already know?"

His response, "Are you for real?"

My response, "Yes, I'm for real."

His response, "Whoa...that's crazy!"

So here's the I'm going to see whether all my thinking/pondering/rambling/musing this summer will pay off.  Is this going to work?  I don't know yet, I guess we'll find out this week, but if it does, then would be totally crazy!

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  1. I hope it works for you. Kids need to see that if they know something, they will be rewarded for it.