Monday, March 9, 2015

Pushing My Students Beyond "Good Enough"

My class using a rubric system for grading ELA and math...The scoring, be it the academic content or the behavior content, is essentially the same:

1 - I need help.
2 - I need some reminders.
3 - I got this (independently with no help).
4 - I can use this knowledge to impact others.

Student created content comes when my students are trying to push themselves from a 3 to a 4.  There are a variety of ways they can do are just a few:
  • Review videos (my kids LOVE this)
  • Review games on Kahoot (my kids LOVE this too)
  • Create a board game (I have several laminated blank board games they can fill in)
  • Solve a "real-world" problem (I have at least 1 of these for each math unit)
  • Student choice (I always leave an option open where students get a chance to come up with their own idea for a project)
While not everyone has a chance get to this point, there are many who work really hard to get the opportunity.  

I would love more ideas on what kids can do to show that they not only get it, but can push themselves deeper into the content, push themselves to do more than what is just "good enough".


  1. I don't get to the point of creating often because I think students take so much time getting the info to be able to create. I need to realize that the creation will take students further than "covering" more content. I am really trying to create more even if it means taking more time!

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