Monday, September 14, 2015

If money & time were no perfect PLC?

If I could create a perfect PLC, what would it look like?  I can honestly say I haven't really thought about it that much, which must mean my PLC runs pretty well.  I probably should start with how we set it up.  My grade level partner and I have common planning 3 days a week.  Once every couple weeks we have a "formal" PLC, and talk about kids.  We don't teach any of the same subjects (except reading), so our conversations revolve around that.  We have "informal" PLC's pretty much every day when we run across the hall to share what we're doing that went well (or didn't go well).

Every month we have a half day where all the 5th grade teachers in the district get together.  We have a plan for what we're supposed to accomplish, and there is never enough time.

I guess if I could live in a perfect world, I would have grade level buildings, so we could meet as a large PLC more frequently.  I would also LOVE to get a chance to spend a day in each and every 5th grade classroom in my district, I know I could learn an absolute ton from them.

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  1. I teach middle school, which is sort of similar to 5th grade realities (at least more so than high school). We also have those half-days -- the best ones go too fast, and the bad ones are marathons of crap.... I can definitely relate to the informal PLC "meetings," but I would like a little more structure and protocol. Thanks for blogging!