Thursday, October 13, 2011

Presenting to the Board

A few weeks back my principal asked me if I would be willing to present my flipped classroom.  I was a little apprehensive, as I am just in the beginning stages of the process of flipping my classroom.  I agreed, and we presented on Monday night.

Looking back, I am so glad that I agreed to present.  The Board was engaged throughout the entire presentation, even interrupting a few times with questions.  Some of my most memorable moments & quotes:

~ "Game-changer...that's what I thought about when I listened to you talk."

~ "We need this in every class."

~ "I wish I would have been in your class when I was in school."

~ "What can we do to help?  This is the kind of innovative idea we love!"

~ And finally, my superintendent gave me two thumbs up when I was finished (and a handwritten thank you letter).

Overall it was an excellent evening that gave me a much needed (after having had a frustrating day in the computer lab) boost of spirit.

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