Sunday, October 30, 2011

What's a typical day look like?

This is a question I've been asked more and more as the year has been progressing, so I thought I'd take this week's post to walk you through what my "typical" day looks like.  Rather than make a really long post, I'm going to break it up into two different posts.

I'll start with the homework, as that is where the biggest difference lies from the traditional method of teaching.  Each night, the students watch the next day's lesson on-line.  Right now I am taping my lecture using my document camera into i-movie.  From there I upload it to schooltube, which compresses it all for me.  After it's done compressing, I post it to my classroom edmodo site.  I just dropped a ton of tech lingo,  so if you're unsure of any of those terms, please check their hyperlinks ;-)  I have featured edmodo on my technology blog:, if you're interested in hearing more about that feature specifically (believe me, it is amazing).

I have embedded an example of one of my videos below, for you those of you wondering what it might look like.  Our school uses Math Expressions, so I basically go through the lesson from the book.  You'll notice at the beginning of the video I have posted the students "learning goal", I do this on every video and the students are required to write it in their journal.  They know that the learning goal is what is the most important thing they remember from the lesson.  So for this lesson, the students really needed to come away understanding which dimensions they need to determine perimeter and area of parallelograms and triangles.

I'll post next week about what happens once the kids get to school...tune in to find out more ;-)

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  1. Thank you for showing this. I am looking at flipping my biology classes, so it's helpful to see how you structure your video. I don't think I would have thought about starting the video with the learning goal and having the students write it down in their notebooks.