Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Unrealistic Summer Plans

Below is a list of things I want to accomplish this summer...I'm thinking I may have bit off more than I can chew.

1)  Determine which math videos I have still work with the CCSS, then create the videos I need to fill in the gaps.  I'd LOVE it if I could start school and have all the videos made for the first 3-4 units.

2)  Teach my son how to play Rummy.  I love playing cards with the family :)

3)  Create/Find explorations to go with as many CCSS as possible.  I'm going to need some help here, and I plan on relying heavily on my tweeps (@lisahighfill, help a girl out!)

4)  Sit by the pool...and read random Juvenile Fiction books, b/c that's how I roll.

5)  Plan a "Celebration of Learning" that makes cross-curricular learning a priority.  I'm basing this off an idea from Todd Nesloney about a "Math Fair" instead of a "Science Fair".

6)  Read Teach Like a Pirate and Energy Bus.  TLaP has been recommended by lots of people I respect, and EB was recently recommended by a good friend (thanks Julie Hughes)...I need to mix in some educational reading along with my not-so educational reading.

7)  Think about/plan/organize a Flipped Classroom Writing Project.  This idea arose from last night's #flipclass chat.  A lot of people were talking about their students blogging, which isn't uncommon.  What I found most intriguing was that most of the teachers were NOT English teachers.  Science, math, etc. were the norm.  I got to thinking, wouldn't it been cool if we could connect classes of different content areas and different grade levels...Wouldn't that be an authentic audience?  I still have lots of ideas in my head about this one...stay tuned!

8)  Play with my kids.  Even though this is number 8 on my list, it's number 1 in priority...I've gotta play with my kids more, while they still want to play with me!

9)  Figure out exactly how I'm going to weave writing into math on a more consistent grade level partner and I are expanding our math & sci/ss time to include our writing and I want to make sure I use it effectively.  This might tie into #7 on my list.

10)  Pick up my tennis racquet again and actually get out and play (it's been too long).

I'm fairly certain I left something (or somethings) out, and I'll probably end up coming back to this list as the summer gets rolling, but I wanted to write it all down so I don't forget about all the ideas I never have time to do during the school year, but just might have time to do in the know, when teacher's are on "vacation" and don't do any work.


  1. I think you forgot about Joel. Take some alone time too!

  2. I really want to pick your brain :) I have read your entire blog and if you gave me a quiz/test I would get a 100%, but I still have some question... Is there an email address that I could contact you or, if you prefer, I can type everything here?

    I started creating videos last year, but did it mostly for review and as trial and error. I still have issues with students that don't have the internet and honestly I don't have a clue how to put the video on a DVD.

    This year I would like to start the year with videos. I'm wondering about things like:
    * teaching for mastery
    * I use Go Math and there is a lesson every day, do I make a video every day? Sometimes a lesson consist of "need to know/pre-knowledge" that students don't have, do I make a video for that?
    * When do you pre-test, post-test? How many questions?
    * Many more-----------> if goes on and on :)

    If there is any way that you can help, I would SOOOOO appreciate it.

    Debbie Squier

    I have a blog, but have basically let it go because I was happy with the name or content. I'm in the process of getting a new look--oo,la,la

  3. Hello Delia,
    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Please check out my post to see the guidelines for accepting this nomination!

  4. This is a great blog btw - I'd be interested in hearing about #9, I teach Calculus and am always trying to find some way of weaving writing into daily classroom stuff.

    Good luck with the rest of the summer!