Sunday, January 15, 2012

Positive P.R.

In a previous post I mentioned being interviewed by our local paper.  This week our the article came out and low-and-behold, we made the front page!  My students were kind of in awe.  They are also in awe of the fact that so many people are reading this blog.  I mention to them periodically how many "hits" I have and they always drop their jaws :)

I've attached a link to the article here, so please bask in it's glory like I am!

In addition to the newspaper article, I was also recognized at our High School basketball game for receiving a grant.  Just today I started spending - and I'm not going to lie, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  With my grant money I am going to be able to purchase a DVD burner/duplicator, 3 i-pod touches and all the cases & protective gear to go with them.  Thank you again Kenowa Hill Education Foundation!

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