Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sample Videos

One of my goals when I decided to write this blog was to give myself time to reflect, and to help others who are thinking of flipping.  That being said, I have recently had a lot of people who want to see some example videos.  Therefore, I am embedding several examples of different videos I've made this year.  They range from early on (when we didn't have all our current technology), to my most recent where I am using slideshows.

This first video is one of the first that I made.  When I first started flipping I was using i-movie, then trying to attach it to my Edmodo site.  I also did not have our doc/camera hooked to the computer with the right software, so I was dragging my computer into the middle of the room & using my built in camera to video tape our projector screen.  I was finding that the pictures were very small, and they skipped a lot.  The quality...not great.

Lesson 1-1 Solving Comparison Problems

The second video is once I discovered Schooltube, which in turn compressed the videos for me & also made the screen larger with less wait time for the kids...bonus!

Lesson 3-1 Fraction/Decimal Comparison

Eventually I got all the correct software loaded onto my computer & I was able to record straight off my computer (Yeah!  No more dragging my computer into the middle of the room).

Lesson 4-3 Review & Recognize Congruent Shapes

The final video I am going to post is the kind of video I made when I have enough time to create a slideshow (usually this coincides with vacations b/c otherwise I just can't fit it in!)  I use screencast-o-matic to record my screen, then I upload that recording to Schooltube (for all the same reasons I said before).

Lesson 5-13 Finding missing numerators & denominators

For my next post I'll talk about the process of making the videos, and the pro's and con's to different programs I've used.


  1. Not to be a jerk or anything, but "Supplimentary Angles" is spelled Supplementary, as well as Complementary. Compliment is when you say something nice to someone. Yikes!

  2. You are totally right! And I hate it when people misspell things like that! Thank you for pointing in out, I'll be sure to fix it when I use the video again. I posted the video because I was looking for examples of how I taped in different ways, and this fit one of those ways.